Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats
Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats
Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats
Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats
Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats
Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats
Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats

Clean Step Logo Scraper Mats


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  • Durable against heavy foot traffic, without cracks
  • Made from 100% rubber for effective dirt removal
  • Offers an attractive and professional entrance mat

The Clean Step Logo Scraper is the ultimate solution for businesses and organizations looking to effortlessly blend cleanliness, branding excellence, and unwavering durability. With its high-quality printing, dirt-trapping capabilities, and a variety of size options, it's your top choice for cultivating a clean and inviting environment while proudly showcasing your brand. Step into a cleaner, more inviting future today with the Clean Step Logo Scraper.

This innovative mat seamlessly merges high-quality printing, dirt-trapping effectiveness, exceptional durability, and a range of size options tailored to your unique needs.

Note: Full bleed mats don't have warranty

Live preview is only available for webp, jpg, jpeg and png files. We may contact you if a vector format file is necessary to produce the mat


Rubber Polymer Type Natural Rubber
Logo/ Photo Quality High Resolution
2’x3’ . 3’x5’ . 3’x10’ . 4’x6’
Anti-Static Yes
Interior Thickness .25”
Backing Smooth
Mat Weight


Mat Weight Tolarance ±5%
Max Dimensions FEET ( 3’X5’,  4'X6')

    Enhanced Brand Visibility: The high-resolution photo quality printing allows you to prominently display your logo or custom design, helping to boost brand recognition and leave a memorable impression on visitors and customers.

      Cleaner and Safer Environment: The mat's dirt-trapping capabilities effectively capture moisture and debris, preventing dirt and contaminants from being tracked into your premises. This not only maintains cleanliness but also contributes to a safer environment by reducing slip and fall hazards.

        Exceptional Durability: Constructed from top-quality rubber, the Clean Step Logo Scraper is built to withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and daily wear and tear. Its durability ensures a long-lasting solution, saving you money on replacements.

          Customizable Sizes: With a variety of size options available, you can choose the dimensions that perfectly fit your entrance or designated area, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution.

            Versatile Placement: The mat is suitable for a wide range of environments, from entranceways to production areas, break rooms, kitchens, vending areas, near water fountains, and ice machines. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for various applications.

              Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the Clean Step Logo Scraper is hassle-free. Regular cleaning ensures it continues to look great and perform effectively.

                Branded Experience: By placing this mat in high-traffic areas, you create a branded experience that reinforces your company's identity and commitment to cleanliness.

                  Cost-Effective: The durability and effectiveness of the Clean Step Logo Scraper make it a cost-effective investment in the long run. You'll spend less on cleaning and replacement mats.

                    Employee Comfort: In break rooms and kitchens, the mat enhances employee comfort and hygiene, contributing to a pleasant and productive work environment.

                      Customer Satisfaction: Clean, welcoming entrances and well-maintained environments enhance the overall experience for customers, improving their perception of your business and potentially increasing repeat business.

                        Health and Safety: By preventing dirt and moisture from entering your facility, the mat contributes to a healthier and safer indoor environment, reducing the risk of accidents and illnesses.

                        Clean Step Logo Scraper Mat Care Instructions

                        You can customize these products with your personal message or brand logo.

                        E-mail your artwork to or call 866-358-8451 and our designers will print your artwork on to the mat.

                        Artwork Guidelines:Acceptable file formats include: ai, psd, gif, tif, png, eps, jpg. We recommend at least 200 dpi for best results.

                        ENDLESS DESIGN

                        ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES

                        Choose from our custom logo mats that allow you to showcase your brand in style.

                        With our wide range of options, you can choose between inlaid or printed mats to create the perfect look for your business.

                        OPTIMAL SCRUBBING POWER
                        HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER MATERIAL

                        These mats are meticulously crafted from high-grade rubber material, ensuring they are durable and provide enduring performance.

                        With their superior scrubbing capabilities, these mats effectively and efficiently remove dirt, debris, and moisture from footwear, thereby helping to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your floors.

                        ONE CLEAN STEP AT A TIME
                        DURABLE IMPRESSIONS MATS

                        The mats' rubber composition provides outstanding durability, making them ideal for demanding heavy-traffic areas that require consistent performance.

                        Whether your goal is to improve your business's entrance or increase brand recognition, these mats are purpose-built to fulfill your requirements.

                        ✔ Entranceways
                        ✔ Production areas
                        ✔ Break rooms
                        ✔ Kitchens
                        ✔ Vending areas
                        ✔ Water fountains
                        ✔ Ice machines

                        VERSATILE BRANDING SOLUTIONS
                        SIGNATURE CUSTOM PRINTED MATS

                        Our team of experts produces personalized mats that help your brand make a memorable impression. Through flexible branding options, we craft mats that reflect your brand identity and perfectly match your specified dimensions.

                        Elevate your surroundings with our top-quality custom-printed mats that are both professional and attention-grabbing.

                        VERIFIED BUYER REVIEWS


                        Durable Mat
                        Fantastic Customer Service

                        Very durable and has collected most of the leaves and debris before we walk on our vinyl plank floors. Customer service was fantastic, always very helpful, informative and polite. I would highly recommend Canada Mats.

                        Jennifer C.
                        Verified Buyer

                        Great Branded Floor Mat

                        The mat looks great. Works well, and our logo looks awesome on it.

                        Chris R.
                        Verified Buyer

                        Quick Service from Start to Finish
                        Our new 5x8 logo'd mat just arrived for our front entrance and it looks amazing! Very quick service from start to finish. Thank you Canada Mats

                        Let's Golf Lloydminster
                        Verified Buyer

                        Crisp and Clean
                        The mats we purchased are so crisp and clean. Our logo is beautiful on them and look fantastic. Very impressed with the quality and the time on delivery. Came very quickly!!!

                        Melanie S.
                        Verified Buyer

                        TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE