ColorStar Impressions
ColorStar Impressions
DigiPrint Rubber Backed - Logo Floor Mat
DigiPrint Rubber Backed - Logo Floor Mat
DigiPrint Rubber Backed - Logo Floor Mat
ColorStar Impressions

ColorStar Impressions


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  • Customize with vivid colors
  • Designed to withstand foot traffic
  • Easy to clean and maintain

It's now easier than ever to promote your brand or display a personal message when your customers and guest are looking down under. The ColorStar Classic Impressions logo mat is our top selling indoor logo mat and promotes your brand and message in high quality, sharp, and clear images. These Indoor Logo mats are printed using varied computer controlled jets, that provide better control of the printing process and thus a higher quality image.

Ideal for any application, including businesses, schools, civic groups and point-of-purchase programs.

Theses indoor logo mats provide the perfect accent for any indoor hallway or doorstep, comes with a rubber backing and presents the following features:

  • Non-skid rubber backing and borders help the mats stay in place and prevent curling.
  • Cut pile construction traps dirt, debris and moisture from foot traffic.
  • Easy to clean: Just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry. Mats can also be shampoo extracted, steam extracted and commercially laundered.
  • Images are permanently dyed directly into a three dimensional nylon carpet and will not wear off over time.
  • Industrial rubber backing makes mat fully launder-able and can be steam cleaned

Live preview is only available for webp, jpg, jpeg and png files. We may contact you if a vector format file is necessary to produce the mat

Live preview is only available for webp, jpg, jpeg and png files. We may contact you if a vector format file is necessary to produce the mat

ColorStar Impressions logo mats are produced using a layering process of color.  Colors are matched to our standard pallet of 60 colors.

Mat Size Maximum Imprint Area
2' x 3' (24" x 35")  
23" x 34"
3' x 4' (35" x 47") 
34" x 46"
3' x 5' (35" x 59") 
34" x 58"
3' x 10' (35" x 119")  34" x 118"
4' x 6' (45" x 69")
44" x 68"
4' x 8' (45" x 95") 44" x 94"  
5' x 8' (58" x 95") 57" x 94"  
5' x 10' (58" x 119")  57" x 118"  
6' x 10' (68" x 119") 67" x 118" 
6' x 12' (68" x 143") 67" x 142" 

Minimum Text Height: 1" for serif fonts and 1/2" for sans serif fonts
Minimum Line Thickness: 1/8" except for white & light colors which should be at least 1/4"

These text requirements are for general use; however, special fonts and very thin letter forms may need to be made larger or thicker and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

Light background colors should be avoided due to their tendency to show dirt on the mat more than a darker or neutral tone.

  • Please send your artwork to us at
  • There are No Art Charges or Set-up Fees.
  • Minimum order is only one mat.
  • Designed for high traffic, indoor applications.
  • Up to 25 Colors at no additional charges.
  • Please contact us regarding bulk discounts.

Please E-mail us for more information and customization options at or call us at 866-561-1921, and our designer team will put together the perfect floor mat for you.



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Durable Mat
Fantastic Customer Service

Very durable and has collected most of the leaves and debris before we walk on our vinyl plank floors. Customer service was fantastic, always very helpful, informative and polite. I would highly recommend Canada Mats.

Jennifer C.
Verified Buyer

Great Branded Floor Mat

The mat looks great. Works well, and our logo looks awesome on it.

Chris R.
Verified Buyer

Quick Service from Start to Finish
Our new 5x8 logo'd mat just arrived for our front entrance and it looks amazing! Very quick service from start to finish. Thank you Canada Mats

Let's Golf Lloydminster
Verified Buyer

Crisp and Clean
The mats we purchased are so crisp and clean. Our logo is beautiful on them and look fantastic. Very impressed with the quality and the time on delivery. Came very quickly!!!

Melanie S.
Verified Buyer