CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting
CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting
CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting
CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting
CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting
CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting

CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting


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  • Perfect for busy areas
  • High-performance scraper
  • 100 % Eco-Friendly
  • Extra processing time for larger sizes & quantities

Introducing the CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting – an intricately designed walk-off entrance mat meticulously crafted with a carefully chosen background color and subtle graphic patterns. Our commitment to maintaining impeccable quality is evident, as we have innovated a high-performance scraper base material specifically tailored for project applications, ensuring reliable efficiency.

The refined dark-grey shade of the base material offers assurance that your premises will consistently maintain a clean and safe environment.

Custom sizes mats are produced according to the dimensions provided. If edging is selected as yes, the edging will be incorporated in the size provided. If no edging is selected, the mat will be cut to the exact size provided.

Please note that due to contraction and expansion of material with temperatures, there may be a variance of up to 1 inch.

All Standard size mats are produced with edging.

Pile material 100% recycled (Econyl®) Polyamide
Backing PVC
Primary backing Nonwoven PET/PA
Yarn construction Velour
Design Graphic
Patterns 5
Pile weight ISO 8543 1.000 g/m²
Total weight ISO 8543 ca. 3.800 g/m²
Pile height ISO 1766 ca. 7,0 mm
Total height ISO 1765 ca. 9,0 mm
Pile density ISO 8543 0,128 g/m² 
Number of stitches ISO 1763 ca. 86.800 /m²
Use classification EN 1307 33
Wearing class EN 1963 33
Comfort EN 1307 LC3
Suitabililty for stairs EN 1963 Intensive use
Suitability for castor chairs EN 985 Intensive use
Dimensional stability ISO 2551 < 0,4%
Light fastness ISO 105 B02 > 7 (scale 1-8)
Water fastness ISO 105 B01 > 4 (scale 1-5
Rubbing fastness ISO 105 X12 > 4 (scale 1-5)
Salt water ISO 105 E02 4
Shampoo BS 1006 4
Organic solvents ISO 105 X05 4
Absorption capacity TNO W6034 ± 4,8 l/m²
Flammability Euroclass EN 13501 Bfl-s1
Slip Resistance EN 13893 D.S
Static charge ISO 6356 2,0 kV
Sand absorption class* 3
Optical class** 4.5
Declaration of Performance Available
Sizes rolls *** 200 cm/20 m
Roll length ± 20 m
Available in cuts
Sizes mats*** n.a


  • Public building entrances
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Showrooms and museums

Custom sized mats can be ordered online as shown above. If you are looking for a custom shape, please contact us with your requirements.

MADE TO impress


Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our flagship entrance mats.

These non-slip mats are made with top-grade materials that not only create an aesthetically pleasing entrance but also excel in keeping areas clean.

Ideal for moderate to heavy use in commercial environments.


Embark on a grand entrance with the thoughtfully crafted CM Viper 9300 Graphic mats, where every element enhances the captivating aesthetics.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence guarantees impeccable quality, transforming each step into a blend of style and durability. Balancing entrance aesthetics and unparalleled quality, CM Viper 9300 Graphic mats establish a welcoming and impressive ambiance, setting the perfect tone.


Crafted from 100% recycled Econyl® Polyamide, CM Viper 9300 Graphic Stone Matting stands as your environmentally conscious option. Every mat represents a modest yet significant stride towards cultivating an environment aligned with nature, all while maintaining the style and comfort you cherish.

✔ Public building entrances
✔ Restaurants
✔ Shops
✔ Showrooms and museums


Experience top-notch indoor cleanliness with our inlaid logo mat, designed to combat dirt and moisture effectively.

Crafted with expertise, each mat seamlessly fits your entrance's dimensions, enhancing your building's appeal.



Durable Mat
Fantastic Customer Service

Very durable and has collected most of the leaves and debris before we walk on our vinyl plank floors. Customer service was fantastic, always very helpful, informative and polite. I would highly recommend Canada Mats.

Jennifer C.
Verified Buyer

Great Branded Floor Mat

The mat looks great. Works well, and our logo looks awesome on it.

Chris R.
Verified Buyer

Quick Service from Start to Finish
Our new 5x8 logo'd mat just arrived for our front entrance and it looks amazing! Very quick service from start to finish. Thank you Canada Mats

Let's Golf Lloydminster
Verified Buyer

Crisp and Clean
The mats we purchased are so crisp and clean. Our logo is beautiful on them and look fantastic. Very impressed with the quality and the time on delivery. Came very quickly!!!

Melanie S.
Verified Buyer