Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats
Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats
Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats
Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats
Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats
Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats

Waterhog - Inlaid Logo Floor Mats


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  • Precise Inlay for Logo Entrances
  • Holds moisture, keeping it off your floors
  • Eco-friendly rubber, 20% recycled materials

 These customized and one of a kind logo mats are made using a unique process, whereby each different designs and colors are cut out and assembled together (thinks puzzle pieces) and the logo mats are then molded into a solid rubber backing to keep it all together, so as to form an even surface with a long lasting design.

The mats are made out of tough textile material that gives them their tough characteristics and a long lasting life and help extend the life of the floors even longer.

The custom logo mats also serve to extend your marketing efforts by providing reinforcement of brand image and messaging at various interaction points with the consumers and heavy traffic areas, and thus work great for retail stores and service offices. 

Live preview is only available for webp, jpg, jpeg and png files. We may contact you if a vector format file is necessary to produce the mat

  • Non-skid rubber backing which allows them to be NFSI certified for slip resistance.
  • Heavy-duty rubber backing is guaranteed to lay flat and will not crack or curl.
  • Created using a unique inlay process that can include up to 18 colors per mat at no additional charge.
  • 100% UV polypropylene fabric will not fade in sunlight and holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.
  • Easy to clean: vacuum, steam clean, extraction clean or just hose off the mat.
Solution-dyed polypropylene
24 ounces/yard2
SBR rubber - smooth or universal cleated
78-mil (body thickness 78-mil; border thickness 143-mil)

OVERALL MAT THICKNESS:  3/8 inch (0.3750")

  • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Passes CPSC FF 1-70 for the surface flammability of carpets


Live preview is only available for webp, jpg, jpeg and png files. We may contact you if a vector format file is necessary to produce the mat

WaterHog Inlay mats are produced using an inlay process, where colored material is cut and pieced together by hand before pressing into rubber.  As a result, there are very strict design requirements for this product.  PMS color matching is not available.  White material should not be used as the background color or for large sections of the mat as it is difficult to keep the color clean.

Mat Size Maximum Imprint Area Fashion
2' x 3' (23" x 35")  21" x 33"   20" x 32"
3' x 4' (35" x 45") 33" x 43"  32" x 42"
3' x 5' (35" x 58")  33" x 56" 32" x 55"
3' x 10' (35" x 116")  33" x 114" 32" x 113"
3' x 12' (35" x 142") 33" x 140" 32" x 139"
3' x 16' (35" x 189")  33" x 187"   32" x 186"
3' x 20' (35" x 236")  33" x 234" 32" x 233"
4' x 6' (45" x 69") 43" x 67" 42" x 66"
4' x 8' (45" x 96") 43" x 94" 42" x 93"
4' x 10' (45" x 116")  43" x 114" 42" x 113"
4' x 12' (45" x 142") 43" x 140" 42" x 139"
4' x 16' (45" x 189") 43" x 187" 42" x 186"
4' x 20' (45" x 236")  43" x 234" 42" x 233"
6' x 8' (70" x 97") 68" x 95" 67" x 94"
6' x 12' (70" x 144") 68" x 142" 67" x 141"
6' x 16' (70" x 189") 68" x 187" 67" x 186"
6' x 20' (70" x 236") 68" x 234" 67" x 233"

Minimum Text Height: 3" (includes lower case text)
Minimum Line Thickness: 3/8"

Any space between letters or design elements must be at minimum 3/8"
The text requirements are for general use; however, special fonts and very thin letter forms may need to be made larger or thicker and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

Gradients, tints, screens and transparencies are not supported and should not be used.

E-mail us for further information at  or call 866-358-8451 and our designers will create the perfect logo mat for you.



Choose from our custom logo mats that allow you to showcase your brand in style.

With our wide range of options, you can choose between inlaid or printed mats to create the perfect look for your business.


Make your brand stand out while maintaining functionality. Crafted from polypropylene fabrics and backed with rubber, these mats elegantly display your custom logo.

Absorbing up to 1.5 gallons of water, they're ideal for high-traffic commercial spaces like banks, sports arenas, airports, and property management facilities.


Whether it's adding a distinctive touch to residential properties or enhancing professionalism in commercial spaces, our solutions cater to your unique needs.

Make your mark with entrances that reflect your identity and captivate your audience.

✔Home Builders
✔Apartment Communities
✔Real Estate Companies
✔Retail Stores


Flawlessly crafted, these mats elegantly exhibit your logo while seamlessly operating indoors and outdoors. They shine at highlighting your brand and maintaining robust performance.

The outstanding blend of refined design and durability guarantees that your branding initiatives stand out and endure over time.



Durable Mat
Fantastic Customer Service

Very durable and has collected most of the leaves and debris before we walk on our vinyl plank floors. Customer service was fantastic, always very helpful, informative and polite. I would highly recommend Canada Mats.

Jennifer C.
Verified Buyer

Great Branded Floor Mat

The mat looks great. Works well, and our logo looks awesome on it.

Chris R.
Verified Buyer

Quick Service from Start to Finish
Our new 5x8 logo'd mat just arrived for our front entrance and it looks amazing! Very quick service from start to finish. Thank you Canada Mats

Let's Golf Lloydminster
Verified Buyer

Crisp and Clean
The mats we purchased are so crisp and clean. Our logo is beautiful on them and look fantastic. Very impressed with the quality and the time on delivery. Came very quickly!!!

Melanie S.
Verified Buyer