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Custom Floor mats are very efficient at trapping dirt and water and are as such highly visible. With the benefits and functionality of coir combined with the high quality of printed designs, the Printed Custom Logo Coco Mat presents great potential. These mats provide an easy and functional way to promote and add value to your branding and company image. 

The Coco Custom Logo mat is created using a coir base mat that is stencil printed with bio-degradable dyes. This process involves creating/cutting the logo/design/name stencil using a specialized machine. This stencil is then placed over the coco mat and sprayed with the specially formulated spray dye.

  • Coco fiber is very durable and weather resistant making the custom logo mat ideal for outdoor entrance mats.
  • Superior scraper/wiper qualities of the coco logo mat removes dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes keeping it out of the facility.
  • The high rate of moisture absorption allows the logo coco mats to soak up excessive moisture, keeping it out of the facility.
  • With a pile height of 5/8”, the Printed Custom Logo Coco Mat is ideal for long term use since the coco fibers experience less compression overtime as compared to longer fibers.
  • Features a PVC backing that provides a level of non-slip properties.
  • Coir is embedded onto a vinyl backing to create the coco mat base that allows for easy alterations to its size and shape.

Artwork Requirements

  • Upload camera ready, high resolution products.
  • A vector format is preferred. Eg - .ai or .eps files.
  • Please note: complicated artwork is subject to approval.
  • Maximum print area 14" x 21"
  • Minimum Line thickness: 1/4"