Single Border Half Round - Personalized Coco Doormats


These Half round monogrammed doormats are a great reminder of the yesteryear, with their elegantly classic style. These coco doormats are the perfect way to entertain your guests, through giving your doorstep an added boost of personality. The vintage coir doormats not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your house but also serve a very important purpose, to keep the dirt off your shoes and out of the house.

Coco doormats are manufactured in a sustainable manner all over the world, and are made out of natural coir fibers that are extracted from coconut husks. The mats are then hand woven and printed using a biodegradable vegetable dye, which makes this product very environmentally friendly.

The tough coir fibers are great at whisking away the dust from the bottom of your shoes.

These doormats are also very easy to maintain, only requiring a simple shake down or vacuuming. Further, the coco mats are highly skid, stain, rot, and mildew resistant. The properties allow the mats to last on the doorstep for a long time and due to the nature of their production, they will not curl up and distort.

These mats are 36" deep and 22" wide.

Please enter the monogram and colors of your choosing in the boxes above, and we will create the perfect coco doormat for your doorstep. The standard font type used will be Georgia and the lead time on these mats is 2-3 weeks.

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