Navy Blue Double Picture Frame - Personalized Coco Doormats


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These 22" x 36" sized custom coir doormats feature a great classic design to truly give your doorstep an elegant makeover. The mats feature your personal message or full name surrounded by a navy blue double picture frame, and provide a different color to act as an accent on your existing aesthetic.

The personalized doormats not only act as a fashion accessory and the first thing noticed by your guests, but also offer a great amount of functionality as they help keep the dirt off your shoes and out of your home. These doormats can also be easily cleaned through a simple vacuuming or shake down.

Further, these coir mats will not curl up and are skid, stain, rot, and mildew resistant

The coco doormats are made out of natural coconut husk fibers and are produced in a sustainable manner, as the fruit can be consumed after extraction.These environmentally friendly coco doormats are printed using biodegradable vegetable dyes, and last a long time out on the doorstep.

The standard font type used is Georgia and you can customize the mat with 2 lines.

The lead time on these coco doormats will be 2-3 weeks. 

Double Picture Frame - Personalized Coco Doormats
Double Picture Frame - Personalized Coco Doormats