Navy Blue Double Picture Frame - Monogrammed Coco Doormats


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These coco coir monogrammed doormats are a great way to make your doorstep truly your own. These mats feature a timeless and elegant design on them, as a navy blue double picture frame border covers your personal monogram. These mats featuring a regal look will enhance the overall aesthetic of any doorstep, and still serve a very basic necessity which is to keep the dirt out of your home. 

These coco coir doormats are manufactured in a sustainable manner and have minimal impact on the environment. The coir fibers are extracted from coconut husks without destroying their edible properties, and then hand woven into these elegant mats. The coir mats are then printed using a biodegradable vegetable dye. The doormats make for a great gift idea, and you can truly feel good about making the purchase.

Moreover, these coco mats are skid resistant, along with providing resistance against rot, mildew, and stains, which makes them a long lasting option on your doorstep that is also very easy to clean (just vacuum or shake down).

Please enter the monogram of your choosing in the box above, and we will create the perfect coco doormat for your doorstep. The standard font type used will be Georgia and the lead time on these mats is 2-3 weeks.


Double Picture Frame - Monogrammed Coco Doormats
Double Picture Frame - Monogrammed Coco Doormats