Classic Border - Personalized Coco Doormats


The classic border coir doormats provides a great luxurious look to the front of your house. These doormats can feature your name or personal message surrounded by a classic picture frame border along the edges. The mats are a great gift idea for any family  or can be used as an identification for your own house, to let people know that they have arrived at the right address.

These coco doormats can be personalized using up to 10 characters of your choosing and will be printed with a Georgia font.

These coco coir doormats are manufactured in a sustainable manner and have minimal impact on the environment. The coir fibers are extracted from coconut husks without destroying their edible properties, and then hand woven into these elegant mats. The coir mats are then printed using a biodegradable vegetable dye.

Moreover, these coco mats are skid resistant, along with providing resistance against rot, mildew, and stains, which makes them a long lasting option on your doorstep that is also very easy to clean (just vacuum or shake down).

Lead time for these door mats is 2-3 weeks.

If you would like custom message or full name on the doormat, please enter your name in the box for personalized text.

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