Indoor Logo Mats

The advantages of indoor logo mats is two fold. One you are maximizing the use of prime real estate by showcasing your brand and welcoming the customer. A good logo mat will assist your visitors in remembering you and understanding what your company has to offer.

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A logo mat, like any mat also is an effective safety and hygiene tool. You can actually reduce your liability in instances of slip and falls by a significant factor just by having a prominently placed mat and if you have a prominently placed mat, why not feature your logo and brand!

The type of custom indoor mat you choose depends on the application and the amount of traffic you plan of having walk over it. A standard good quality appealing mat would be the Digiprint, which features a medium faceweight with excellent graphics. A Waterhog logo mat will be one that will function quite well as water absorber. A Flocked Olefin mat is also a good standard entrance logo mat with it's differentiator being a lighter faceweight than the Digiprint.

If you are unsure which mat to go with please feel free to chat with us and one our knowledgable staff will be happy to assist you.