Choosing a Custom Logo Mat

One of the first things you should decide when choosing a custom logo mat is whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. Next - is this for a low, medium or high traffic area? I consider a high traffic area to be over 100 people per day and medium traffic to be from 20-100.

There are different ways that the logo can be added to the mat. One of the most popular ways is to dye the fibers, you can have your logo inlayed, flocked or heat transferred onto the mat.

Another consideration is whether the custom logo mat is needed to soak up as much water as possible in wet environments.

Having a custom logo doormat is an excellent way to brand your business and look like a bigger or more important business. Large companies spend millions each year in branding.

Be sure to choose a background color for your logo mat that is a good match for the space it will be in. You don't want it to clash with the current decor.

Whether the custom logo mat is for a restaurant, bar, car dealership, retail store, real estate company, auto service or any other business, you will benefit from having a logo on your welcome mat.

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