Reasons Why to Choose a Personalized Coir Doormat

There are so many different types of doormats to choose from but one tried and true that has kept relevant and popular for decades and even centuries now, is the personalized coir mat. People choose coir for a number of reasons including their ability to absorb, be water resistant and for it's natural abrasiveness that cleans debris from shoes before entering your home. Coir is also a renewable resource that provides employment to cottage industries in traditional places of harvest such as India and Thailand. A coir mat is not only green but also tasteful and economical. The handwoven craftsmanship ensures that you are indeed adding value to a doorstep and is not just a novelty piece.

The personalization adds a touch of uniqueness that lends itself to being an excellent gift for weddings, anniversaries and as gift from real estate agents to new home buyers. We use a special method of printing and dying our mats and can do a variety of different customizations from monograms, to large letter names and even logos. We also do custom dimensions and can fit a mat into any recessed area. One more thing to consider is the thickness of the mat. We offer coir mats from thickness sizes of 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".

These coir doormats last anywhere from 2-5 years and are used every day so they are quite useful and always beneficial. To further add fashion, you can select one of our many cocomat designs including brown borders, black borders, green borders, rolling scroll borders, holiday borders, picture frame borders and many more. You can also choose to a complete family name or just a simple monogram. Monogrammed mats are simple and effective plus easy to read.

A custom coir doormat adds that personal touch over the plain coir mats and when choosing the right mat for you or as a gift, they are a great choice.

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